What does a Personal Assistant do?

Find the answers to all your questions about the profession of personal assistant. The job description, about the salary, the job opportunities and how to become a personal assistant.

What is a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant assists someone in their daily activities or work. These activities can be anything. Celebrities, business people and top sportsmen and women may employ a Personal Assistant because they are too busy to deal with certain (small) matters themselves. The aim of the Personal Assistant is to relieve the person for whom he or she is working of their work and to carry out these tasks.

In the business world, a Personal Assistant can, for example, take care of agenda planning, keep track of correspondence, receive clients, and carry out other business tasks. In this case, the Personal Assistant is a kind of secretary. A Personal Assistant may also have household duties. For example, going to the dry cleaner’s, buying food and drinks, paying bills, sorting the post and other common household tasks. A common task for Personal Assistants working for someone who travels a lot is to book the hotels and arrange the flights etc.

A Personal Assistant ensures, in the broadest sense of the word, that the person for whom the Personal Assistant is employed is able to function optimally and does not have to worry about the side issues. The Personal Assistant solves these.

Becoming a Personal Assistant: Courses to become a Personal Assistant

Do you want to become a Personal Assistant? Below you will find the requirements, the development path and the training programmes for Personal Assistants.

How do you become a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant’s duties often include general tasks. These include managing the diary, doing the laundry, receiving guests, and doing other simple jobs. A Personal Assistant does not need specific training, because the nature of the work is simple. The important thing is that the Personal Assistant gets along well with his or her employer and carries out the tasks well. Discretion is also very important when a Personal Assistant assists a celebrity.

There are various training programmes for personal assistants.

Retraining to become a Personal Assistant

If you want to retrain to become a Personal Assistant, there may be several paths open to you. It happens more and more often that there are specific vacancies with retraining. At that point, the learning path is organised by the employer. If there are currently any retraining vacancies for Personal Assistant, you will find them below.

Determine your choice of retraining with Job Suggestion

Job Suggestion shows you promising jobs that match your interests, competences and personality. You will also find retraining vacancies directly, if available. Get inspired and make your choice of retraining based on what suits you! Take a look at your job suggestions!

Vacancies with (Re)schooling

Retraining with a salary is of course very convenient; you earn right from the start of your new job. Also, the training costs are often paid by the employer. We have a total of 4 different types of (re)training vacancies. Direct retraining, Training vacancies, Apprenticeship vacancies and Traineeships.

Self-employment retraining or career development to become a Personal Assistant

If you want to become a Personal Assistant because of your existing job, i.e. you want to retrain or grow into a Personal Assistant the following are important for kickstarting Executive Assistant Careers:

Interest and motivation Personal Assistant

In order to do your job well, you must enjoy it. You must find your profession interesting and it must suit your motivation. You can find a description of the profession in the section What does a Personal Assistant do?

Competencies and Skills Personal Assistant

In addition to your interests, it is important that you have the competencies needed to be a successful Personal Assistant. Some competences you will have naturally, and others may require training. Below you will find courses and training programmes for the development of the competencies needed by a Personal Assistant.

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