Executive Assistant Jobs in Switzerland

Switzerland has low unemployment now, which offers many career opportunities. People working as PAs and Administrative Assistants could see these ideal conditions for finding a new job as an Executive Assistant in Switzerland. The most significant number of Executive Assistant Jobs are in Zurich, but Geneva and Basel offer many jobs.

How can I become an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistants can have varying levels of education, and there are no prerequisites for a University degree. However, in Switzerland, most Executive Assistants will need to have some relevant qualifications. Additionally, language skills are vital, and professional proficiency in the official Swiss language for the part of the country you are aiming to work in will be fundamental. Additionally, many Executive Assistants must speak English to work at a large multinational company.

Executive Assistant Qualifications

There is no specific educational requirement from school to be an Executive Assistant. However, numerous professional qualifications are available. In Switzerland, there are only a few live classroom courses following COVID. However, International providers offer virtual classrooms and online courses for Executive Assistants. Make sure that there are professional qualifications provided for the Executive Assistant Courses.

What is the average salary in Switzerland?

Swiss Executive Assistants should be aware that many jobs need proficiency in English. This trend makes it a crucial ability. Naturally, you will also need German, French or Italian, depending on your region, for most jobs. However, many people will only work in English if a multinational corporation employs them. In Zurich or Geneva, this is more typical among higher-paying positions.

An Executive Assistant in Zurich can expect to make CHF 107,000 per year on average. However, the Institute of Executive Assistants poll indicates that it may reach CHF 124,000. The majority of Switzerland’s main cities pay at or around this amount. Geneva has very high salaries also. However, the slightly higher salaries in Zurich is likely to be due to the large number of high paying industries.

Core EA Career Skills

To be an Executive Assistant, you must have excellent office administration skills. This will include many of the following:

  • Travel management
  • Diary management
  • Filing
  • Office Protocol
  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Excellent Microsoft Office Skills

However, the level of autonomy and ability to support a senior Executive separates a PA and an Executive Assistant. Executive Assistants generally will have an excellent level of knowledge of the business, and they will make more decisions and run their role without much management.

Additionally, many Executive Assistants will start to work with business skills. Commonly, they will need to deliver project management, event management, social media marketing, finances, company secretary and many other specialist subjects.

Future Career Options

Executive assistants are working in business and gaining skills in many subjects like Projects or Events. This development means that Executive Assistants are gaining more diverse skills and experiences. This pattern implies that many people in Switzerland can move into new careers. The change in career for experienced Executive Assistants adds a new opportunity for motivated EAs.

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